Diana Wehmeier MARS_M led video installation 2017_

led video installation
full video will be online soon





Europa IMM2028. Icy Moon Mission
installation / 2,20m x 3,30m x 4,36m / mixed media
winner of the art & science prize 2016 (DZWK / Leibniz Association)

Europa, one of Jupiter‘s four major moons, is a celestial body in the solar system with a high potential for extraterrestrial life. Under a 10 km thick icecap, scientists suspected a 100 kilometer-deep ocean, this was concluded by measurements of the external gravitational field of the NASA probe, Galileo, in 1996. In 2033, the private space company STE (SPACE TIME EXPLORATION) succeeded in collecting measurements and records of the Mission EUROPA – IMM2028, which returned to Earth. These results are presented in the exhibition „The best of all possible worlds“ in the Dresden Technical Collections in the form of photographs, objects, a publication and a documetary.

video collage
part of the mixed media installation
EUROPA IMM2028. Icy Moon Mission