In 2018, Diana was speaker at the TNW in Amsterdam and spoke on the stage about her mission: MARS – SCIENCE & VISION: How Art & Fiction inspires the next steps in Aerospace Engineering:

As technology has advanced, so has science fiction, painting more and more realistic portraits of what life in space could look like. Science and Sci-Fi are slowly coming together forming a new reality where the craziest dreams have started to become true. By providing free distribution of artistic content through film, press and exhibitions, artists and cinematographers are promoting innovation by inspiring the scientific community to make fantasy a reality… But which impact does the life as an interplanetary species have on politics, economy, culture and philosophy? So let’s create the best possible future!

Diana Wehmeier is a worldwide coach, speaker, and consultant who helps others live beyond their imagination. As a consultant for the creative art & science community, she supports in matters of: inspiration, innovation and creating a strong art+science concept for institutions.

As founder, CEO & Creative Director of PLASMA magazine she spoke with more than 300 people including astronauts, nobel laureates, artists, scientists, curators and many innovators from the interdisciplinary field. In fact, she spent the last 5 years visiting art & research institutions worldwide from San Francisco to Astana.

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Diana Wehmeier

Diana Wehmeier _ TNW Amsterdam, 2018
pic Tim Dechent