The latest innovations in space exploration, science, and technology have launched us into a new age. One that has shifted our perception of the world through significant scientific breakthroughs and interplanetary discoveries.We now find ourselves living in a realm of knowledge hitherto unfathomed. A reality that almost sounds like science fiction and one where possibilities keep opening up. Exciting times for sure!

As CEO and founder of PLASMA Magazine, it is my personal mission to connect with the researchers and innovators who are propelling us into this new age in order to share their vision, their personas, their work, and their process with the public. Through my passion of the science-art interface (SAI), and as Creative Director of PLASMA, I ensure that this information is delivered in a range of creative and engaging formats including photographs, on-site interviews, videography, and commentary articles. 


My experience as both a worldwide art consultant and communicator for the scientific community has allowed me to develop a very unique skillset that I use to promote SAI. Amongst these are: generation of innovative science imagery and aesthetic, brand creation and marketing, highlighting the positivity within our professional and personal lives. Over the past 5 years, my vision and skills have allowed me to meet with over 1000 scientists, Nobel laureates, curators, engineers, artists, astronauts and innovators from a wide range of fields. I have led these meetings and interviews at art and research institutions all over the world, from San Francisco to Astana.


Los Angeles, California

since 2015 CEO / Creative Director at PLASMA magazine
2015 – 18 Physics and Aerospace Engineering / TU Dresden
2010 – 15 Diploma – Fine Art / Dresden Academy of Fine Arts
2009 – 10 The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
2008 – 09 Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Leipzig
2006 – 09 Bachelor of Arts – Art Education / Leipzig University
2005 – 06 Cultural Studies / Leipzig University

awards / residency / funding / scholarships

2017 Future Technologies, Science Match (scholarship)
2017 artist in residence / San Francisco (residency)
2017 PLASMA magazine, state’s capital (funding)
2016 art & science prize – DZWK / Leibniz Association (award)
2016 artist in residence / Los Angeles (residency)
2016 Eb-Dietzsch-art prize nomination (award)
2015 space capsule, German Aerospace Center (funding)
2013 PLURALPROJEKT, Leinemann Foundation (funding)

selected publications

own publications
2018 PLASMA magazine 4 (order here)
2017 PLASMA magazine 3
2016 EUROPA IMM2028  (first & second edition)
2016 PLASMA magazine 2
2015 PLASMA magazine  1

magazine / blog
2018 INTERSECTION magazine / issue 35+34+33 / Berlin
2018 FRAEULEIN magazine / issue 3-18 / Berlin
2018  LODOWN MAGAZINE / vehicle issue / Berlin
2018  Interview / LONDON
2017  LODOWN MAGAZINE / future shock / Berlin
2016  ETAPES / online / Paris
2016  PLOT / online / Stuttgart
2015  LODOWN MAGAZINE  / online / Berlin
2015  PLATOON MAGAZINE  / issue 1 / Berlin
2014  AVENIR MAGAZINE / issue 4 / London
2014  FAINT MAGAZINE  / A. issue / Melbourne
2014  ARTLOG  / online / New York
2014  TAR MAGAZINE  / The FUTURITY issue & online / Milano


Diana Wehmeier_pic Katinka Schuett 2018

Diana Wehmeier #plasma4tour, 2018
pic Katinka Schuett