DIANA WEHMEIER ussplasma8105 installation 2015 Baldauf & Baldauf photography

Diana Wehmeier_USS PLASMA 8105 returns again_video screenshot_digital artwork_25x40 cm_2015

DIANA WEHMEIER ussplasma8105 installation 2015

U.S.S. PLASMA 8105
mixed media installation
4m x 6m x 7m

U.S.S. PLASMA 8105 returns again

The space ship U.S.S. PLASMA 8105 is a room installation, which moves the viewer through a science fictional alternate universe. Cinematic memories, motifs and nostalgia are brought into question, using cinematic moments that we have all been conscious of since the beginning of cinema. Content and design oriented from these 4 movies: Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek (2009), Interstellar and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Additionally there is a booklet, the PLASMA Magazine, with productions à la Rodney Graham, deploying some of the irony of the 80s retro style.



diana-wehmeier-scotty2316_installation-2016_photo-baldauf-and-baldaufDiana Wehmeier SCOTTY2316_installation 2016_photo Baldauf and Baldauf 3SCOTTY2316
mixed media installation
4m x 4m x 2,8m
supported by DLR (German Aerospace Center)